Setup multi-factor authentication

How to enable MFA for your Trenclo Dashboard account.

Josh Plant

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  1. Login to your Trenclo Dashboard account
  2. Select the user icon, then My Profile
  3. On the right, you should see the MFA section
  4. Either scan the QR code or enter the secret provided with your authenticator app
  5. Once a code a generated by the app, enter it into the "Code" box and select Enable MFA
  6. When signing in next, you will be prompted to verify the multi-factor authentication challenge

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I force all users in my tenant to use multi-factor authentication?

In your Tenant Settings, set MFA Required to Yes. Users will be recommended to setup additional verification the next time they login to the Trenclo Dashboard.

I am unable to obtain an authenticator app, how else can I secure my account?

Reach out to our support team who can help setup SMS verification. We do not recommend this method unless it is really needed, so the feature is only available via our support team.

I have lost my authenticator device and cannot access my codes, how can I access my account?

Reach out to our support team who can complete manual verification and disable multi-factor authentication for your account so you can enable it again.

I no longer wish to protect my account with multi-factor authentication, how do I disable it?

In the same location you enabled it, select the option to Disable MFA.

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